Touring Events

Challenging yourself

touring editions of cube cyclesCycling is becoming more and more popular among many people. Most of them start cycling because it’s a healthy and eco-friendly method to spend their free time. However, walking around with your bike and admiring the landscapes, can become a little boring for some of us. That’s why, we need to challenge our cycling skills and participate at an organized event. Cycling events are a perfect place for you to test your skills and to meet other bike enthusiasts. Still, you cannot go into a touring competition without taking special preparation and for this reason, you should train a bit, before the big day.

Touring on cube cycles

In order to be ready, you should start your training sessions at least two months before the event day. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Start with some moderate cycling sessions and learn to control your breath rates. Do this for at least five days, and see how far can you cycle before you get tired. Now that you’ve improved your endurance a little, you should increase the speed as well. Take it easy, because you don’t want to risk any injury. Soon, you will notice a significant improvement in your cycling skills.

Challenging terrain

This type of cycling event often takes place on forest roads or abrupt hills. You need to be prepared for this because you will need an extra level of power to climb the slopes. Going off-road would be the ideal training but if that’s not possible, you have other options. Once, you’re warmed up, you should sprint as fast as you can, for a few seconds. The goal is to push your muscles to the limit and to prepare them for the harsh obstacles. Taking part in a cycling event is not about winning or losing, it is competing, or even the social aspect of it. The biggest achievement of such events is to enjoy the trip, meet new people, admire the landscapes and testing your limits. If you train hard, maybe one day you’ll win a competition like this. But for now, all you need to do is to get in shape, prepare your bike, of which there are many types of cube cycles available on the market and from good retailers: , and get ready for a great touring experience.

Grass Track Cycling – Punishing Enough?

An old sport gaining new ground

Grass track cycling is a game that involves racing the bicycles on the grass tracks. Over the past few years, this form of bicycle racing has gained popularity around various parts of the world. Thisgrass track cycling at it's best type of racing is done on a flat field, such as an unused football pitch. The tracks are accurately marked on the field.

Physical requirements – you’ll need it!

If you are a beginner, you should first realise what your getting into, and that some training will be a necessity. Usually, there is an experienced hand who will give advice on how to train for grass track racing. Alternatively, you could get coaching sessions, these will take around 40 minutes or so depending on how knackered you get. The first 10 minutes is usually a warm-up that includes mobility exercises. The next 30 minutes is serious training that prepares the riders for formal racing competition. In a coaching session, the riders are taught about safety consideration during the cycling. At the end of the training session, the riders are expected to co-ordinate effectively as a team.

The types of events you can enter

  • Scratch racing: in this type of cycling, the riders start together and cycle for a specified number of laps. The winner is the first rider to cross the finish line.
  • The devil: it involves elimination of the rider who is last to cross the line on each lap. This is done until 3 riders remain. The first rider to in the last lap is declared a winner.
  • Points racing: the first 4 riders get points on the specific laps.
  • Team pursuit: the 2 teams are compromising of 4 riders each start at opposite side of the track and chase the opposing team for a specific number of laps. The team that catches the opponent faster is declared a winner.
  • Keirin: this is an advanced level of grass track racing, where the riders follow a motorcycle that rides at about 50kph. The first one to catch up with the motorcycle is declared a winner.


Grass track cycling is an exciting sport that involves racing on the grass track. To get started as a beginner, you will need stamina, endurance and tolerance to pain :).