Hill climbing events

Cube Electric Bikes

A cube electric bike

More and more people are deciding to ride with a cube electric bike instead of your standard mountain bike. People have started to use E-bikes to help them when hill climbing, an electric bike works when there is enough power for the bike to use its electric system this means pedalling is valid when going up a hill to enable the power to work as the electric when activated. When hill climbing events are happening many people believe the best e-bikes available are the most expensive, however what many people don’t realise is the more power within the bike the Heather the bike is when riding people tend to read the spec about the bike and think it’s the perfect bike however when riding with a large amount of weight in the frame of your bike normal riding is found a lot more difficult than you may think. Easy hills you will be able to pedal at a moderate rate however when climbing steep large hills, it becomes more complicated.

An electric bike is designed for many reasons, however one of the main focuses of an e-bike is hill climbing it was designed to make riding a bike easier for a wider range of audiences allowing many people to ride a bike without the struggle of being tired or to reduce people walking after pedalling for an amount of time. Electric bikes have been optimized for better range and speed. Electric bikes with a higher power rate will be a lot easier for hill climbing than bikes with a lower amount of power. The power from the motor is not consistent and only works when hitting the maximum efficient level, however, this speed will vary on the speed the bikes goes when travelling both up and down hills. The gears on the bike will work with the motor to ensure the gears are in good condition to allow you the best performance of the bike.

Hill Climbing Events

There are many hill climbing events that are available for people to enter. One big event that a lot of bike races will enter is the Pikes Peak champion, Pikes peak is a huge mountain with a 7700-foot climb averaging around 24.5 miles. Many people will go to hill climb events using an electric bike this will allow both genders to enter spread across a wide range of age groups. Every uphill will have a downhill when riding a bike many e-bikes are installed with regenerative braking this allows the battery to be charged, this is due to the bike gaining electric back from energy used going uphill.