Hill climbing events

Cube Electric Bikes

A cube electric bike

More and more people are deciding to ride with a cube electric bike instead of your standard mountain bike. People have started to use E-bikes to help them when hill climbing, an electric bike works when there is enough power for the bike to use its electric system this means pedalling is valid when going up a hill to enable the power to work as the electric when activated. When hill climbing events are happening many people believe the best e-bikes available are the most expensive, however what many people don’t realise is the more power within the bike the Heather the bike is when riding people tend to read the spec about the bike and think it’s the perfect bike however when riding with a large amount of weight in the frame of your bike normal riding is found a lot more difficult than you may think. Easy hills you will be able to pedal at a moderate rate however when climbing steep large hills, it becomes more complicated.

An electric bike is designed for many reasons, however one of the main focuses of an e-bike is hill climbing it was designed to make riding a bike easier for a wider range of audiences allowing many people to ride a bike without the struggle of being tired or to reduce people walking after pedalling for an amount of time. Electric bikes have been optimized for better range and speed. Electric bikes with a higher power rate will be a lot easier for hill climbing than bikes with a lower amount of power. The power from the motor is not consistent and only works when hitting the maximum efficient level, however, this speed will vary on the speed the bikes goes when travelling both up and down hills. The gears on the bike will work with the motor to ensure the gears are in good condition to allow you the best performance of the bike.

Hill Climbing Events

There are many hill climbing events that are available for people to enter. One big event that a lot of bike races will enter is the Pikes Peak champion, Pikes peak is a huge mountain with a 7700-foot climb averaging around 24.5 miles. Many people will go to hill climb events using an electric bike this will allow both genders to enter spread across a wide range of age groups. Every uphill will have a downhill when riding a bike many e-bikes are installed with regenerative braking this allows the battery to be charged, this is due to the bike gaining electric back from energy used going uphill.

The Evolution of the Mountain Bike

The Development Of The Mountain Bike

The first mountain bikes appeared to be difficult to improve, yet developments keep on emerging. How is the lapierre bike better today than they were before? Below are the revolutions.

Using A Lapierre Bike As An Example

This is a well established French company that has been significant in pushing forwards the boundaries and limitations of bikes since they started trading back in 1946.

Frames and Suspension

Do you remember mountain bikes not having suspension? Back when riders were real riders and did not mind the odd groin injury! It is notable, for example, that steel frames are greatly the fantastic design features of a lapierre bikeimproved at retaining shocks than aluminium amalgam frames, which are lighter, however stiffer. These were completely different from the real safeguard frameworks that mountain bikes come built with today. Designers experimented with elastomer pieces and different gear shift frameworks, however, the first genuine step forward accompanied suspension forks roused by motocross. The first frames with suspension forks and a back wheel safeguard looked encouraging and offered awesome advantages on downhill segments, yet they were not able to control them comfortably and bobbed around a lot when pedalled, making them useless when the going got tough. The present full-suspension frames are light, assimilate shocks on uneven surfaces and don’t sap the rider’s energy, and it shows as they’re beating the competition in the big cross-country showdowns. The safeguards can be controlled or bolted from the handlebars and these days you can even come crosswise over frames made of carbon fibre and other highly durable, light and flexible materials.


Mountain bikes depended on tried and tested street bicycle frames, with essentially just a single adjustment, fitted with fatter tyres. They were fine to pedal on the pads, yet on the rough landscape the edge of the tyre became problematic, and they were too enormous for little riders. The front wheel regularly came up on hilly climbs. The mountain bikes were hard to handle going downhill, and you never knew when you might go flying head first over the handlebars to end up eating dirt. Developers didn’t stand by and spent many hours working out how to configure frames, ensuring that mountain bikes are easy to oversee, lively and dynamic and that the rider’s position is to such an extent that they expend as little energy as could be allowed. Right now, however, signs of improvement are greatly encouraging, and technology will be available in the future to hugely increase a bikes performance. It has for some time been known that it is best on the off chance that you bring down the height of the saddle for plunges, climbs and woodlands, and raise it up when your out on the road. The future for the lapierre bike is looking fantastic, and you riders out there should be looking forward to it.

Grass Track Cycling – Punishing Enough?

An old sport gaining new ground

Grass track cycling is a game that involves racing the bicycles on the grass tracks. Over the past few years, this form of bicycle racing has gained popularity around various parts of the world. Thisgrass track cycling at it's best type of racing is done on a flat field, such as an unused football pitch. The tracks are accurately marked on the field.

Physical requirements – you’ll need it!

If you are a beginner, you should first realise what your getting into, and that some training will be a necessity. Usually, there is an experienced hand who will give advice on how to train for grass track racing. Alternatively, you could get coaching sessions, these will take around 40 minutes or so depending on how knackered you get. The first 10 minutes is usually a warm-up that includes mobility exercises. The next 30 minutes is serious training that prepares the riders for formal racing competition. In a coaching session, the riders are taught about safety consideration during the cycling. At the end of the training session, the riders are expected to co-ordinate effectively as a team.

The types of events you can enter

  • Scratch racing: in this type of cycling, the riders start together and cycle for a specified number of laps. The winner is the first rider to cross the finish line.
  • The devil: it involves elimination of the rider who is last to cross the line on each lap. This is done until 3 riders remain. The first rider to in the last lap is declared a winner.
  • Points racing: the first 4 riders get points on the specific laps.
  • Team pursuit: the 2 teams are compromising of 4 riders each start at opposite side of the track and chase the opposing team for a specific number of laps. The team that catches the opponent faster is declared a winner.
  • Keirin: this is an advanced level of grass track racing, where the riders follow a motorcycle that rides at about 50kph. The first one to catch up with the motorcycle is declared a winner.


Grass track cycling is an exciting sport that involves racing on the grass track. To get started as a beginner, you will need stamina, endurance and tolerance to pain :).

Types Of Cycle Events

Cycling Events You Can Participate In

Biking is one of the top group activities you can participate in and there are several mountain & road biking events thrown within a yearly calendar to bring enthusiasts together. Lovers of biking attain model cube road bikesevents are always keen to keep their cube road bikes, available at all good stockists like Race Co Cycles UK, finely tuned in preparation for a thrilling experience. Whichever city you go to, there will always be a group of bikers planning major and minor events. It is not only fun to participate in biking events and competitions, but also improves team spirit and motivation. Biking is also a form of exercise that will keep you in shape without demanding any real expensive equipment.

Cube Road Bikes Racing Or Mountain Biking?

There are several biking events you can engage in and some people simply prefer to hit the trails or go for the city road racing. In fact, going out with your bike is one of the fastest ways to get yourself acquainted in a new environment, and meet friends. However, the real enthusiasts and race lovers may want something more adventurous and phenomenal. Mountain biking gives them the chance to come out in large numbers and explore various off-road tracks and terrains. It is a worthy experience that serves the purpose of touring, exercising and interacting with other bike lovers. When it comes to bicycles, they are simply thrilling and inspiring as they involve a greater level of difficulty than cycling on a tarmacked surface. It is far easier to find a mountain biking event than it is to find other forms of racing, road or touring, etc, and you can use these opportunities to train as a professional biker if you have plans to compete at top levels such as MTB and ATB.


If you love mountain adventure, you’ll find all manner of mountain bikes that make your style, or if it’s the road racing, it is time to hit the market in search for new cube road bikes that can fly across the smooth road you will encounter. Look for additional features that will enhance your riding style and increase your love of the sports, all stockists will be able to give you advice.